EU Metrication of the UK

In today’s post we want to explore the story that the EU wants to force the UK to start using the metric system rather than the imperial.

In early 2001, both the Daily Star and Daily Telegraph ran stories explaining that the UK would be forced to metricate because of EU directives. The first being that Steve Thorbury, a greengrocer, had gone to court because he was no longer able to sell his goods by the pound due to EU directives, which meant that pubs would soon have to sell ale by the litre.

The second being that the Queen had been told that her Sandringham Estate had to start selling wood in metric measurements within two weeks or they would be prosecuted by trading standards officers. It had sold Oak and Teak timber by the foot and inch, which is an offense under the EU metrication laws.

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Bombay Mix

Bombay Mix

On 18th July 2006, The Sun posted in an article on page 27: “Nutty EU officials want to rename Bombay mix Mumbai mix – to make the snack politically correct. They say the Indian city of Bombay has been called Mumbai since 1995 so the old name could offend because it dates back to colonial rule.”

This was a completely factual story made with no claims to truth or verification.

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Straight Bananas

Bananas – do they need to be a certain shape?

We may as well start this blog off with the most infamous of the issues when it comes to EU standards: The EU banning straight and bendy bananas!

Now mostly everyone knows by now that this is mostly blown out of proportion. Although it’s not completely untrue! An EU regulation governs that Bananas have to be “free from malformation or abnormal curvature”, the European parliament has more information here.

However, the reason for this regulation isn’t just for the EU to display their power over everyone. The point of this regulation is to protect consumers across the EU and ensure that there are high standards for groceries across the continent. The EU just wants to ensure that stores aren’t selling bananas that are abnormal shapes, of low quality or grown with obviously sub-par farming methods. It’s a consumer guarantee and these are only ever of benefit to people.

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Welcome to the new Straight Bannana blog!

Hi there and welcome to our new blog. This blog will be dedicated to dispelling some of the myths behind regarding the EU and it’s control over member countries.

We realise that some people feel strongly about the issue of the EU, and we know that it is a large topic. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing you the truth behind each subject. Hysteria occurs on both sides of the argument, and our quest is dedicated to being transparent, fact-finding, and as heavily sourced as possible.

We believe that the EU can be a force for good when used correctly, however, we’re very aware there are problems with it that do need addressing. This blog isn’t about debating which side is right, only about righting wrongs and misinformation. Stay tuned to this space!